What does it do?

Call Director presents customers with a menu of choices when they dial your telephone number. For example, Press 1 for sales.

How can this benefit me?

  • Increase the perception of professionalism
  • Simplify the customer contact experience
  • Reduce the amount of time wasted transferring calls
  • Free access to a range of professional recordings

How do I set it up?

Step 1.

Select the ‘Call Director’ menu in your control panel, then ‘Add a new menu’.

Step 2.

Choose the prompt you’d like to play, and which selection number you’d like associated with it.

Step 3.

Once you have a menu, you’ll be able to set where the IVR appears in your routing by clicking the option underneath ‘Routing’.

Advanced Settings

Our advanced settings allow you to do things like choose the number of times to repeat the menu before something else happens, or choose the number of seconds to wait for a customer to press a button. If you’re looking for something which isn’t provided in our Professional Voice Recording Database, you can either upload your own audio file, or make an order request to the same professional voice artist who recorded our original database.