What does it do?Call Recording

Enabling Call Recording creates a searchable database of your inbound and outbound phone calls. All calls are stored for 1 year, though for an additional cost you can choose to store them for 6 years.

How can this benefit me?

  • No need to purchase expensive recording equipment
  • Access an easily searchable online archive
  • 1 Year Call Retention as standard, 6 year Option available
  • Real time back-up of data
  • Limitless recordings

How do I set it up?

Select the ‘Call Recording’ menu in your control panel, then click ‘Add Call Recording’.

How does it work?

When a call is complete, it will be stored in a database which can be accessed via your control panel by simply clicking ‘Call Recording’. From here, you can search for calls made on a particular date, to a specific extension, or from a particular number.

Advanced Settings

Choose the ‘Settings’ option if you’d like to specify whether you record all calls made to and from your account, or if you’d like to specify which numbers or extensions you would like to record.