What does it do?Music on Hold

You don’t always want your caller to hear what you’re saying, for example if you’re asking a colleague for information. Our VoIP service provides a selection of professional quality music which your customers can hear once they’re placed on hold. On most VoIP phones, press the hold key during a call to place a caller on hold. Once selected on your control panel, the caller will automatically hear the hold music. To return them from hold, press the line key that the call is on.


Our VoIP service allows you to see your caller’s ID when you receive a call. Furthermore, with our Inbound Caller ID, if you choose to forward a call, the recipient will see the ID of the original caller, eliminating any confusion.


When making a call, you can show or hide your caller ID either globally or on a call by call basis. Simply enter 141 before the number you would like to dial. With our VoIP service, you can display an alternative caller ID to your call recipient, providing you have verified ownership of the number you’d like to display.

How do I set it up?

Step 1.

Select the ‘My Audio Files’ menu in your control panel to display all of your recordings.

Step 2.

Click the title of the selected recording to display Audio File Information.

Step 3.

Tick the box beside ‘Use this file for music on hold’ to activate the recording. A tick will then appear in the updated ‘Your Audio Files’, confirming your selection.