What does it do?Hunt Groups

Hunt Groups (also called Multiple Routing) allows calls to ring on multiple phones. The call is connected to the first phone that answers. This feature could be used across different rooms in an organisation, with home workers, or with an individual anywhere else in the world provided that they have an internet connection.

You can also answer a colleague’s phone by dialling 22 and pressing ‘send’ on your handset.

How can this benefit me?

  • Ensure all calls are answered
  • Enhances the experience of remote working
  • Creates a fully integrated system between different locations
  • Include external mobile or landline numbers in addition to your Usomo VoIP phone

How do I set it up?

Step 1.

Select the Routing Wizard within the ‘Out of hours routing’ on your control panel.

Step 2.

Click the option beside ‘Send the call to one or more internal/ external destinations’ to display parameters beneath.

Step 3.

Go to ‘Internal VoIP phones to ring’. You can then tick the box next to each individual number to specify which are to be included. Alternatively input numbers into ‘External telephone numbers to ring’.