What does it do?Whisper

Our Whisper facility allows you to define a recording that is played to you when an external call is connected. You can have a different recording for each number that you have with us, so you will know exactly where each call comes from. This feature can be used for example if you have multiple numbers in different area codes. Your caller will continue to hear ringing while the short audio file is played to you.

How can this benefit me?

This feature is particularly useful when analysing the success of marketing campaigns where a different number has been provided to customers, when you have different numbers in different area codes, or for entrepreneurs who have different businesses but one office.

  • Simplifies customer identification
  • Instant information about each caller
  • Implementing the Whisper feature will allow you to answer the call appropriately depending on which phone number or area has been called.

How do it set it up?

Step 1.

Select the Routing Wizard within ‘Out of hours routing’ on your control panel.

Step 2.

Click the option beside ‘Send the call to one or more internal/ external destinations’ to display parameters beneath.

Step 3.

Scroll down to ‘Advanced Settings’ and click on the drop down menu next to ‘Connection whisper’. From here you can select a recording that has already been uploaded to ‘My Audio Files’ or upload a new audio file via the options box.